Taming The Lunch Time Trade

Frazzle Free Fall Continues!

“I’ll Trade You My Cookie for Your Juice Box”

Plate Waste? Dumped Lunch? 

Packing lunches from home seems to be a cheaper & healthier option, or is it? The average time length kids have today to eat their lunch, is not very long. If you want to be sure that what you’ve packed from home doesn’t end up in the garbage, or even worse, traded for a Twinkie, follow these tips to increase the likelihood that your healthy foods from home will be eaten.

1. Familiar Favorites. Lunch time is not the time to try out your new recipe on the family. If it looks weird or scary and your little one is already a bit nervous to be at school, your new Kale Chip creation may go untouched. Pack familiar favorites you know your little one will gobble up.

2. Assembly Free. You don’t want your little one to spend half of his / her lunch period peeling an orange instead of actually eating it. The more ready to eat the items are, the more likely they will be eaten.

3. Sweet Treats. Everyone loves a little sweet treat to the end of meal. Have your child decide what sweet treat they want in their lunch and the chances it will be traded, dumped, or return home to you, will be less.

Here are a few ideas for Healthy Sweet Lunch Box Treats:




Honey Peanut Butter (Justin’s Nut Butters are Amazing)

Lightly Naturally Sweetened Dry Cereal

No Sugar Added Applesauce

Baby Carrots Dipped in Peanut Butter or Yogurt

Low Sugar Fruit Flavored Yogurt

Dried Fruit (Dried Cherries are Delicious!)

Homemade Cookie (If they helped make it, even more fun!)

Looking for help planning your back to school family meals? Let Healthy Grocery Girl help out!  I look forward to helping make your Fall Season…. Frazzle Free!

Happy Healthy Eating!

Your Healthy Grocery Girl


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