Packing A Greener Lunch

Frazzle Free Fall Tip #3
Packing A Greener Lunch 

1. BULK. Buy snacks in bulk and portion them out into reusable food containers (or make your own like the photo above!) Freeze what you are not going to eat within the first few days to keep fresh.
2. PORTION. Track waste. Ask your child to bring home uneaten food. If you notice your little one is only eating half a sandwich, only send half a sandwich. This applies to adults as well! Only pack what you know you will eat during lunch and snacks, and you’ll cut down on waste and better monitor portion control.
3. REUSE. Pack stainless steel or wooden utensils. Wash and reuse. If this is too risky for your kids, start off with plastic and ask that they bring it home. When you are comfortable that they will come home with the real stuff, transition into it.
4. INVEST.  Invest in reusable food containers for both hot and cold foods. Nothing too expensive as kids tend to lose the tops often. Buy assorted sizes so that you can put dried fruit, crackers, sandwiches, cut up fruits and veggies in them.
5. PLAN. Cook more, buy less. Plan meals for the week ahead and stick to the plan the best you can. You will find that you will eat better and spend less money.
6. S.O.U.L FOODS. Buy Seasonal, Organic (when you can), Unrefined and Local.
7. NATURAL. Buy and pack water in a BPA free reusable drink bottle. Water is the healthiest beverage option for you, your children and the environment.
What green living lunch suggestions do you already follow and which ones are you looking forward to implementing into your Frazzle Free Fall?
Happy Healthy Eating!
Your Healthy Grocery Girl

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