Cup of Coffee… Good or Bad?

This is good and now it’s not. Eat this, but don’t eat that. That is bad for you, but it’s good for you too… what?!!

Sometimes nutrition can be down-right confusing! As a Registered Dietitian it is my job to take complicated information and media hype and simplify it and give you the scientific truth so you can be on your merry healthy way.

A big question I am often asked is, ” Is coffee good or bad for me?”

Here is a little back story about the ol’coffee bean. “Coffee Beans” are a seed of the coffee plant (although we refer to them as beans because they look like beans). In their natural form, coffee beans are very high in antioxidants (which means they help prevent your risk of developing the cold, flu and other diseases).

As Americans, we import more coffee than any other nation! We LOVE our coffee.. we are GO-GETTERS here in the ol’ U.S.Of A. Unfortunately coffee beans are one of the most highly contaminated “produce” (becomes it comes from a plant) by pesticides. All those lovely chemicals floating around in your morning cup-of-joe. No thanks! Definitely choose Organic, especially if you are sipping a cup once or twice a day!

So here are the facts when it comes to coffee.

1. Coffee (Organic and Black) is not bad for you. Because…

1) Coffee beans have disease fighting properties; antioxidants.

2) A moderate consumption of caffeine can help mental alertness

3) Caffeine, as a stimulant, can help improve bowel regularity of function (helping you to poop).

2. Too much coffee (just like too much of anything) can become a problem. Have no more than 2-3 cups (a cup is 8 ounces) per day to avoid developing a dependence. Also make sure to eat something before or after your cup of coffee to help prevent the jitters, AND for every cup of caffeinated beverage you consume, make sure to drink a cup of water too.

3. Skip the sugary and fat-filled add-ins. Your artery clogging creamer, your sprinkling of sugar-free cancer causers, your choco-o-latte double whip mocha-a-la-mode… just skip it. You will be healthier and happier, trust me on this one. Instead go for natural flavor enhancers to spice up your coffee such as;

1) Coconut Mik (very creamy… just like creamer!), Almond Milk or Hemp Milk

2) Stevia / Truvia (Natural calorie-free sweetener, the only healthy option I recommend)

3) Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger (A sprinkle of these to any beverage adds a lot of flavor and health benefits without any                 calories)

So don’t skip your morning cup of coffee, if it is something you enjoy and makes for a better start to your day… just make sure that it’s Organic, blended with only natural healthy add-ins, and sip no more than 2-3 cups per day.

P.s. If you lived in the Portland, Oregon area like I do…make sure to check out Stump Town Coffee. Brewed Yum in a Cup.

Happy Sipping!

Your Healthy Grocery Girl


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  1. This is such great information! Thank you for posting this. I will incorporate this in to my daily life. I will have to try out that coconut milk.

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