Healthy Kitchen Makeover Gets a Healthy Snack Center

Recently, I visited a sweet family in need of a Healthy Kitchen Makeover. With four kids, this family definitely is busy! So they were looking for quick, convenient and healthy ideas for snacks and meals. Healthy Grocery Girl to the rescue!

The Pantry….

We often have so many items in our pantry that we forget what is truly in there! Therefore creating a space for everything to be visible not only helps with meal time efficiency but also helps us saving money on the grocery bill. No more expired items that we forgot about in the back of the pantry that we end up having to throw away!

It’s also common for the kitchen pantry to become a store-all for not only our food but medicine, cleaning supplies and random odds and ends that we collect. Having baskets to separate our over-the-counters from any prescription medications as well as a basket / container for those “what do I do with these?” items such as straws, tooth-picks and chop sticks.



Everything in this pantry is now free of HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), TRANS FAT (hydrogenated oils), MSG, and items that are high in processed sugar. YAHOO!

The Healthy Snack Center….

Next was the need for healthy quick snacks. So I created this Healthy Snack Center!



Glass containers with stainless steel lids make for easy to see-in eco-friendly kitchen organizers. I included serving size scoopers with each type of snack, so there is no need to guess how much is a serving. On one shelf is a variety of nuts, dried fruit and granola for a “create your own trail mix” buffet. One another shelf there is a variety of snack bars and nut butter. Organic unsweetened apple sauce and healthy dry cereal are also great kid friendly snacks.

A mixture of raisins, dried cranberries, and dried cherries.

Of course, my favorite… Justin’s Nut Butter! Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut is just like Nutella.. but SO much better (and healthier!) These individual squeeze packs are perfect for on the go. Throw in a lunch bag, on the way to soccer practice, or  as an afternoon snack.

Once in a while you just want to try a new bar or snack. This container is a combo mix of natural fruit leathers, Kind Bars, and Lara Bars. All of these snack bars use all natural ingredients and are a perfect nosh for both kids and adults!

Next was the refrigerator, freezer, and various cupboards in the kitchen.

What I love about Healthy Kitchen Makeovers (besides meeting wonderful families) is now ANY item that the family reaches for to eat, is a delicious and healthy choice!

Happy Healthy Eating!

Your Healthy Grocery Girl


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