HGG and Rice Bowls

Healthy Grocery Girl is proud to announce her new partnership with Rice Bowls!

Rice Bowls provides much-needed meals to great kids around the world through partnerships with Christian orphanages.

Together we can help fight hunger and provide healthy balanced nutrition to orphan children all over the world! Currently Rice Bowls supports 52 different orphanages in 8 different countries which includes; Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua, India, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa and the Philippines!

How can we help?

With every purchase of Healthy Grocery Girl’s Healthy Grocery Shopping List you will be helping feed and restore the lives of these amazing children!

Why.. just Meet Nithin! Nithin lives in El Shadai Children’s Home in Chennai, India.  Thanks to Rice Bowl’s, Nithin receives good nutrition every single day. We just love seeing this little guy have a great childhood and knowing a life’s been restored!

Not only will you be healthier by shopping from Healthy Grocery Girl’s Grocery Shopping List but you will be improving the nutrition of thousands of little one’s around the world!

Why that sounds like a win win to me!

Click here now to….Shop, Give, and Eat Healthier!

Happy Healthy Eating!

Your Healthy Grocery Girl


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